Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Post Baby Reboot

I've neglected my aspirations to contribute to my own blog for the past several months...left hanging the promise of posts regarding the US health care reform debate. At the time, I was all set to write some posts about the state of the health care debate in the US, then came Roan...and graduate course work...but mostly Roan. Needless to say, a lot has happened in the landscape of the healthcare debate, those who insist that the government is up to something sinister have proven resistant to discussions of scientific outcomes, the proposals have undergone a variety of modifications and permutations as they progress in the US legislative system. I do support reform, I wish it went further, but I'm still generally satisfied with the proposals going forward. I've tired of going round in circles discussing with people who insist that the Democrats, Obama, or 'Liberals' want to kill people. I've decided my energy is better spent elsewhere, and my words are better spent on topics that interest me more. I will continue, from time to time, to offer commentary on US (or other countries) healthcare, just right now, the 'discussion' has grown stale and uninteresting. We'll see what the US ultimately gets, if anything of substance can be passed, but in the meantime, I lack the interest, or time, to address every imagined 'concern' of teabaggers who will simply deny reality in their unremitting attempts to gain political points.

I am hoping that over the next month or so, during the between semester break, and over the holidays, that I'll find more time to write here.